1/19/2021 3:20:35 PM

At Fingoti we are striving to provide a simple, out-of-the-box gateway solution to the Internet of Things (IoT). We wanted all the research and development to be done for you and encapsulated it in a smart, secure, flexible and reliable package as standard.

And so the Pebl was born.

Pebl can connect with and control electrical equipment, from making sure the kettle is boiled for that first cup of coffee in the morning, to collecting analytics to track production efficiency for your business. The possibilities are endless.

The IoT is a place where everyday physical items are quickly becoming part of the virtual world that is the internet. These items can be controlled and monitored from a distance to, for example, improve your life at home, increase productivity in the work place or improve performance and reliability in industrial equipment.

The IoT is already a very big and daunting place, especially if you are just starting out. Trying to manufacture and provide an IoT solution can be an expensive and drawn out process, requiring technical and specialist expertise. We believe it should be intuitive and simple, so we've done all the hard work for you. Our product can be used by everyone and anyone. Pebl provides an end-to-end solution for enthusiasts, business owners, education, home automation projects and... well, anything!

The Pebl is a standalone IoT device that requires no assembly and no programming. Following a simple two minute setup procedure, your Pebl is ready to be incorporated into your project providing IoT functionality that will bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world, from and to anywhere in the world!

We really are providing the complete IoT solution. We offer the hardware, software and the back-end infrastructure, supporting all that you will ever want to do. All you have to do is provide the power of imagination!

The potential for ROI (Return on Investment) for these little fellas is HUGE!

We believe that by implementing the Pebl into your existing or new development product, you will see fast and large returns. This is due to lack of upfront setup costs, we provide the entire solution.

Preventative maintenance, remote monitoring and assistance, data processing and management packages are all contracts that you can provide to your customers, at the price of a single device, the size of a sugar cube!

Pebl is designed to remove any requirement for central control hubs, is completely self-reliant and requires almost no technical knowledge to set up. Simply download our app, enter your WiFi credentials and that's it. You are connected to the IoT and ready to begin making your own ripples in the internet.

Every Pebl includes a set-up USB lead, purely to provide power to the device. Once the Pebl is configured, you can let your imagination run wild and build the next big thing, streamline your factory, teach your STEM pupils or monitor your heating from work.

So why use a Pebl and not an Adruino or Raspberry Pi?

First and foremost, security. The Pebl, unlike other similar devices on the market comes with enterprise grade security as standard.

Additionally, the Pebl is pre-programmed. One of the challenges with the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and similar devices, is creating the code you need to achieve your application's goal. More often than not, this rarely proves easy or reliable. The Pebl simply responds to pre-determined commands.

Furthermore, as the Pebl is a fully encapsulated device, you don't have to worry about electrostatic discharge (ESD) or moisture damage as you would with bare board devices like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The water tight housing provides a barrier for use in almost any scenario, protecting against harsh environments.

So, what's in the box? Simply, a Pebl, a USB setup lead and a Quick Start guide. That is all you need to explore the world of the IoT.

We are determined to ensure our Pebl packaging is slimline, is produced with minimal waste and is 100% recyclable, using just card.

The Pebl is designed to be used as a component within custom hardware. You can think of it as a secure IoT bolt-on for your existing and exciting new projects. Currently you are required to implement the Pebl into your project or solution by modifying existing or creating new circuitry to meet the demand of your application.

Four GPIO pins and a data bus for communication with I²C sensors and accessories is made available. This allows makers to produce and market their own IoT peripherals that the Pebl can simply plug into. The Pebl device can be used for multiple applications by simply removing and reinserting into another product.

For enthusiasts and inventors, we provide a breadboard breakout adaptor, to enable you to easily implement a Pebl into your projects for quick and easy development and testing.

The Fingoti Portal is a secure place to manage, monitor, control and interact with your Pebl devices and best of all it's free to use.

The Pebl can be used with or without our Portal. The vast majority of customers will use the Portal for its convenience and ease of use. However, the Pebl can be used in many other different ways, which of course, are free of charge (please refer to the 'Multiple Connection Methods' section below).

We've designed the Portal to cater for everyone from enthusiasts to small business owners and even large commercial applications. We have implemented our own infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure platform, resulting in a user experience that is intuitive, concise and rewarding.

If you decide to use the Portal, we offer 100 free device messages (called 'Ripples') with FULL functionality, renewed every 24 hours. However, if you choose to extend this cap, then we base our service on a pay-as-you-go, micro-payment basis.

For example if you require more Ripples for your application per day, then you can choose to pay just £0.002 (0.2 pence) per each additional Ripple. This essentially means you can double your daily usage limit for just 20 pence per day if needed.

If you are using our API as an industrial customer or as a third party developer, the charge is issued in the same manner, however, high usage of the Portal can result in a cheaper monthly contract if desired.

Most of our pledge rewards include a Portal discount. This discount is applied to any additional Ripples purchased exceeding your daily free allocation. For example, if you have a 50% Portal discount, as with the 'Limited Edition' reward, you would pay just £0.001 (0.1 pence) per additional Ripple. Effectively this means you can double your daily Ripple limit for only 10 pence.

Our payment terms are completely transparent and you can pay for as much or as little as you want to use, with no subscriptions.

From our Portal, users can claim devices using just the serial number. Once the Pebl is linked to an account, the owner can monitor activity, manage settings and connect with other Pebl devices, including virtual devices.

One of the features included with the Portal are virtual devices, which act like physical devices except they are driven by virtual events. These events can be triggered using our API or an internet feed, to effect GPIO pins on other physical devices. This means a physical Pebl GPIO pin can directly follow an internet event, for example, when man lands on Mars!