Industrial grade IoT made simple

The simple and affordable IoT solution that scales with you. From one device, to a million devices.

Nodes with built-in sensors and monitoring


Measure light levels, temperature, air quality, and more, with multiple plug-and-play sensor modules. Reliable, cost effective, and low maintenance.

The gateway that works out-of-the-box


Monitor and control electronic devices, such as flood lights and water pumps. Intuitive, sets up in minutes, and requires no programming.

Harness the power of the Fingoti Cloud

Control IoT devices from anywhere in the world, with our affordable cloud solution.

Visualise, manage, engage

Manage devices, view their status, see the number of Ripples and subscriptions, and monitor how Ripples are being used - all in one place

Accomplish anything… and everything

From switching the central heating on or off - to turning on a light in a dark room - the Fingoti API can do it all

Write apps faster

Communicate with the Fingoti API using our straightforward SDKs. Make anything from a Python script, to a C# WPF app

Get in touch

Let us know your business requirements. We can give you a demonstration, technical support, and more. We’ll get back to you within one business day.