Industrial sensing and monitoring

Built on the strong foundation of Pebl, Vyne is the easy-to-use solution for industry. If you like Pebl, you’ll love Vyne.

Using the same software and API as Pebl, Vyne is not just a gateway. Vyne has twelve sensor modules:

Ultrasonic level sensing
Gauge the volume of liquid using reflective sound waves.
Passive infrared
Detect motion.
Air quality monitoring
Determine the number of particulates in the environment, and filter by size.
Methane detection
Avoid dangerous concentrations of methane.
Carbon monoxide detection
Uncover gas leaks in cookers, heaters, boilers, and other appliances.
Monitor radiation with a Geiger counter.
Leak detection
Sound an alarm when liquid reaches the sensor.
Lux (light) level monitoring
Measure the luminance of a room.
Temperature probes
Observe temperature with sealed probes.
Temperature and humidity
Assess the ambient temperature and humidity of a location.
Connect any device which communicates using the modbus protocol.
Connect any device which communicates over serial.

Available packaged or integrated, so you can tailor Vyne to your use case.

Packaged Fingoti Vyne gateway

Convenient power sources

Vyne can be powered over ethernet (PoE), or with a power supply unit (PSU).

Need to meet a level of service? Connect Vyne to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Compatible and consistent

Pebl and Vyne are interchangeable. The hardware is different, but the way you communicate with them is the same. The commands you send to Pebl will be the same commands you send to Vyne.

Already using Pebl and want to move your integration to Vyne? Migration is seamless - just swap the devices in your infrastructure.


Vyne is available in multiple hardware configurations. From default hardware, to PoE+, UPS, Radio, WiFi, and GSM.

We believe there is no substitute for the potential of Vyne, but you can always substitute our Nodes. Got a Radio Node that’s run out of juice? Put a charged Radio Node in its place. No reconfiguration required.

Packaged Fingoti Vyne gateway

Welcome to the jungle

There are many combinations, such as:

  • Gateway + PSU and Wired/Radio Nodes
  • PoE Gateway and Radio Nodes
  • PoE+ Gateway and Wired/Radio Nodes

Device-to-device connectivity


  • Wired
  • Radio (battery-powered)


  • Wired
  • Radio (battery-powered)

Wired (RJ45) is always present, and cannot be removed.

Batteries inside Radio Nodes are estimated to last for two years (at average power consumption).

Internet connectivity


  • WiFi
  • GSM (optional)
  • Ethernet (optional)

You can have a Gateway with WiFi only, WiFi + GSM, WiFi + Ethernet, or WiFi + GSM + Ethernet.



  • PoE pack
  • On-device PoE
  • PSU pack
  • UPS

Connect a UPS to your Vyne to protect from power outages, surges, and brownouts for up to eight hours.